Zalan Muhary: One dozen years

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Zalan Muhary: One Dozen Years
(Exitus et Exodus Agriensis 1793)


Stormy decades have passed and still this is not the end. Something is in the air again. When I think of affairs in Germany, I feel this is the breeze before the storm, a foreboding of more to come, but what is coming I do not know.
We have just recovered from a World War, survived a world recession and our mother-country is mourning the Trianon Treaty, but the remorseless treadmill of day-to-day life doesn’t change. The hardness of the daily grind is a task-master with a lash in his hand, making us forget the bigger events taking place in the world.
So, do I also lose touch with the wider picture? No! I don’t allow any blurring of my vision to ripen into a cataract on my tired eyes. Rising above my daily routine, I try to recall the glorious past. One and a half centuries is long enough to have a wide-angle view of historical events and be able to interpret afresh the consequences of seemingly minor ripples in the lives of ordinary people as recorded by pen and paper.
My great-grandfather, Joseph Muhary, worked as a Surgeon under the Chief Medical Officer, Francis Markhot in the Hospital of the Eger Order of The Hospitallers at the end of the 18th Century. His diary recorded the events of twelve years with varying amounts of detail.
I obtained this document from the collection of one of my distant relatives a couple of years ago. He gave it to me as a present on the 20th anniversary of me commencing my Surgical Practice. It was a valued and useful gift but reading it both disturbed and stimulated me.
I have tried to bring together the threads of those memoires in this book. I have reluctantly omitted some of the patients’ records and details of operations but there is enough left to satisfy, I hope, the demands of the fastidious reader.
As a conscientious historian, I have endeavoured to supply the missing historical links as well. These are marked “History” in the chapters.
Within the pages of this book I have attempted to reconstruct the last years of the glorious Baroque period of Eger and a few years from the time of the Bishopric of Charles Esterhazy.
Where the sequence of events is uneven, the imagination of the reader should be used to fill in the gaps!

Zalan Muhary M.D.
27th May 1939.
Eger, Hungary.

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